2004 Suspense

I was interested in creating an anti gravity image of bodies falling through space. Shot in 16mm film at 500 frames per second, the grainey film represents an in between state much like that feeling of falling in a dream in which we don't see the landing. This has been reviewed online by Gail Priest in Realtime Arts when shown at the Asia Pacific Biennale in Singapore, 2004: http://www.realtimearts.net/feature/search/8502

2000 Rhythm of an Absent Body

This work explores identity through screen representation. Reflecting on how an image of a body does little to express what it is to inhabit a body and the complex experiences influencing idenity, this first video work reflects on years spent performing as a dancer and choreographer. Choreographing movements that mask identity or create caricatures that reduce or conflate the richness offered through dance as a medium inspired this work. So taking the body out of the footage in post production the work shows the risk taking children’s game of bombing into a swimming pool to leave a trace or drawing made by the impact of the the shape of the body on the surface. Patterns form that speak more about identity than an image of the actual person - this is the conundrum ‘rhythm of an absent body’ explored.

2000 Virtually a Body
live performance and video insttallation