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 ‘Seeing not Looking’ is a title from a story by Oliver Sacks in which two people underwent surgery to recover their sight yet only one person could see. Sacks suggested that to see you need to look. This work brings a sensor laden autonomous drone camera together with two performers in a studio setting. All three negotiate how they see each other - the question is can the drone camera ‘look’ and how does it ‘see’? The interchange between the three bodies unfolds over 7 minutes in this work.

Catalogue essay by Associate Professor Jondi Keane

Presented at:
Mars Gallery curated by Brie Trenerry, 2019
ARS Electronica 40th Festival, 2019 curated by Lubi Thomas

Performers: Charles Ball and jake McLarnon
Programmers and technical design: Jaymis Loveday, Oxygen Media

With thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts