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PhD Monash University, Melbourne (Fine Art)
BA (hons) Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne (painting)

2023    Fugitive States, ACU gallery, Fitzroy 
2022    Motion Signalling, Articulate Gallery, Sydney
2022    Spin into Being, Five Walls Gallery, Footscray
2021    Algorhythmia, Polaris Gallery, South Yarra
2020    Presencing, The Project Space, Geelong, collaboration with Aaron Hoffman
2019    Anne Scott Wilson, Seeing not Looking, Mars Gallery Australia, curated by Brie Trenerry
2018    If you stay where you are, you’ll run into yourself, Toot Art Space, St Kilda, Australia
2018    Richmanpoorman Geelong After Dark, Project Space, Geelong, Australia
2017    Every Day I Wait # 3, Museum of Brisbane, Australia
2016    Inside the Matrix, a tango with light, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney Australia
2016    The Sound of One Foot Tapping, The Stockroom, Kyneton, Australia
2015    Anne Scott Wilson, video & photography, Conny Dietzschold Gallery Sydney Australia
2013    Fly Rhythm, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2012    Anne Scott Wilson, InsideOut#2, video, painting and pinhole photography, Post Office Gallery, Ballarat Australia
2011    Frayed, Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Australia
2010    Conversation, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2009    SoundingOut, Kings Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne, Australia

2024    Oscilloforms, curated by Kim Donaldson + Sean Lowry, Project8 Gallery, Melbourne
2024    Venetian Bind, Venice, Italy,  curated by David Cross and Cameron Bishop (forthcoming)
2023    Melbourne Design Week, curated by CDII Deakin (forthcoming)
2023    Art School Confidential, Deakin Gallery, curated by James Lynch
2023    Digital Aesthetics, Sandbox, Brunswick, curated by Sue Beyer
2023    Abstraction, Five Walls Footscray, curated by Missy Ueda and Emma Langridge
2022    After Walter Hopps, Platform Geelong, curated by Amber Smith
2021    Not Home, Sandbox,  Brunswick, co curator
2019    Out of the Box, Australian art at Ars Electronica 40th Year Festival, Linz, Austria, curated by Lubi Thomas
2019    X Marks the Spot, Live performance, video with artificial intelligence (pre programmed drones and children’s choir), Geelong Art                            Centre  with Cameron Bishop
2018    Groundplane Opera City, White Night Geelong, Australia, with Cameron Bishop
2018    And then…fifteen artists, Langford 120, Melbourne Australia curated by Irene Barberis
2018    On Drawing, The Art of CUHK – Invitational Exhibition, Hong Kong, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

2019    Optical Allusions as part of Venetian Blind, Palazzo Bembo, ‘Personal Structures’, Venice Italy, curated by David Cross and Cameron                        Bishop
2019    Beehive: Reveal our City with ARS Electronica, Geelong Council for Geelong After Dark
2018    Groundplane Opera, Mountain to Mouth Geelong, Australia
2017    Iconic Industry, New Wool Museum, Geelong, Australia
2017    Materialist Photography, Jarvis Dooney Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2017    Weep for Painting, curated by Domenico de Clario, Mars Gallery, Melbourne
2017    Fossil, curated by Felicity Spear, Stephen McLaughlin Gallery, Melbourne
2017    Red, Green, Blue: A History of Australian Video Art, curated by Matthew Perkins, Griffith University, Australia
2017    Morbis Artis: Disease of the Arts, curated by Sean Redmond and Darrin Verhagin, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2016    Lorne Sculpture Biennale: site specific performance improvisation, with Louise Morris, Lorne Australia
2016    Seven Trumpets, Strange Neighbour Gallery, Collingwood, Australia curated by David Ash Kerr
2016    Mindshadows, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne Australia curated by Laura Lantiera
2016    Contemporary Australian Drawing #6: Global Drawing: 'The Body, Kinetics and the Space of Drawing',
              SACI, Florence, Italy; Bury Art Museum London UK, curated by Metasenta Australia
2024    Geelong City Council, public art project, Yarra Street Geelong (forthcoming)
2023    Playing in the Shadows, Yarra City Council commission 
2019    Beehive: Reveal our City with ARS Electronica, Geelong Council for Geelong After Dark
2019    Every Day I Wait #3, Museum of Brisbane, programmed with ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’ exhibition
2020    City of Geelong, new work grant
2020    Iconic Industries with VacantGeelong, development grant Geelong Council
2019    City of Geelong, development grant Studio 112
2018    Australia Council for the Arts development grant
2016    NAVA Carstairs residency winner
2011    Australia Council for the Arts Residency Liverpool UK
2009    Creative Victoria development grant
2008    Australia Council for the arts emerging artist grant
2008    Australia Council for the Arts, Banff Residency
2007    Can Serrat Artist Residency


2016    Bowness Photography Prize Finalist
2016    NAVA Carstairs winner, Bundanon
2015    Substation Contemporary Art Prize finalist
2011    Scottish Bank Emerging Artist Award finalist
2009    Joseph Ulrich Photography Award finalist
2008    Blake Prize finalist
2009    Ian Potter emerging artist grant
2006    Ethnographic Film Festival artist residency Sardinia Italy
2003    Monash Faculty Postgraduate Award



2023    Vault Magazine, Australian Art and Culture, Issue #44, AI and Superfictions, forward through fiction, Peter HIll
2017    Every Day I Wait, Museum of Brisbane online listing
2017    Sounding Histories audio interview, The Grapevine, 3RRR
2016    Crossing the Line 3: Global Drawing, Studio Art International, review
2022    Spin into Being
2016    When Capture Incarnates by Will Johncock, Trhardmagazine, Issue 9, 2016
2016    In the Wastes of Ormen, Realtime Arts, Stephen Wright
2016    The Sound of One Foot Tapping, The Stockroom Kyneton Australia
2015    InsidetheMatrix:atangowithlight,ConnyDietzscholdGallerySydneyAustralia
2016    Morbis Artis: Disease of the Arts: a bio art exhibition



2023    Saturated Colour in a Nebulous Grey Zone, catalogue essay 'Fugitive States', David Cross

2021    Abstract Photography in Dancing Movements , catalogue essay 'Algorhythmia', Ouyang Yu   

2021    Algorhythmia,  catalogue essay Anna Shimshak

2022   Spin into Being, the body as redemptive tool in our engagement with the digital,  published abstract from the International Associaton                  of Photography and Theory

2018    The Biophilic Effect: Hidden living patterns within the dance of light, Roos, P., Jones, D., Scott Wilson, A.,

              Unesco Observatory, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, the University of Melbourne, 2018
2016.   A Wilson, (2016) Technology as collaborator in somatic photographic practice, Journal of dance and


              Somatic practice vol. 8, pub Intellect books, pp11-19,
2017   A Wilson, (2016) Improvisation in visual art practice using a photographic process, Brolga issue 41 pub Australian Dance Council
              Youtube and me: can you teach an old dog new tricks? In Transductions: global experiment in digital art curation, pub Media XXI, 2016                   Portugal
2017    A Wilson, (2017) #novacancy,’ Collaboration and Community engagement’; in ‘Iconic Industry: exploring the industrial built fabric of                    Geelong’, p47 published alongside the exhibition of the same name, National Wool Museum, Geelong Australia

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